Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the organisers of all these races?

No we are not. Infact, we do not organise any events. All the events are organisers by different clubs around the Western Cape. We gather the information from everyone and post the events in a uniform manner.

How do I enter races?

It depends on the event, especially the size of the event. The smaller races will only do on-the-day entries. The really big events will again only do online entries to ease the admin and make sure tracking chips are registered correctly. Please make sure you read the information around entries and registration carefully to avoid disappointment.

What is an unlicensed athlete?

Races that are ran under the rules and regulations of the ASA (10km+) requires you to have a license. You can either join a running club and purchase a permanent license, or but a temporarily license for the race you want to enter. If you run more that 2 10km+ races a year, it starts making financial sense to get a permanent number.

How can I support the website?

We have a day jobs and running the site is done in our off time between the job and the kids at home wanting attention. Getting some form of remuneration from the site just helps to keep motivated when you sit at 11pm re-typing race information some organizers saved directly into an image!

We started a Patreon page to make it easy to support the page. Thank you!!

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Do you have a newsletter?

Yes we do! We send it to our Patreon supporters on a monthly bases noting upcoming races with closing dates for the online entries. If you are interested click on the "Become a patron" button the in the footer below.